Siena is famous throughout the world for its artistic heritage. Its downtown, in 1559, has been declared Unesco site, as example of medieval city planning.
Siena’s origins are undefined (wether gallic, roman or even egyptian), but its golden age was certainly the medieval one, when Siena fought against Florence for the supremacy of many territories. Exactly for this reason Siena had a decline, when in 1559 was conquered by its rival.
Piazza del Campo, the Torre del Mangia and the City Hall are the most famous monuments, but if you get carried around the city, you can find a million of wonderful unknown places.
We suggest you to visit the Archaeological Museum, the Santa Maria della Scala and the Art Gallery (Pinacoteca).
Siena is also known for the Palio, a horse race, which fascinates Seneses and tourists two days a year. Least but not last, Siena is famous for the hills which surround it, and where cheese, oil and cold cuts are produced.